5 people share the different ways they landed jobs at Big Tech companies

Big Tech companies like Meta, Google, Apple, and Amazon are notorious for their demanding job application processes. Business Insider interviewed five individuals who successfully navigated these challenges and secured roles in these prestigious companies. Their journeys provide valuable insights for aspiring Big Tech employees.

### Corey Griffin: Leveraging Side Hustles at Apple

Corey Griffin's path to securing a software engineering position at Apple involved turning his side projects into showcases for his diverse skill set. Without a traditional educational background in tech, Griffin developed his expertise in software engineering while working in marketing. He founded C3G Media and created products like Speakflow, a teleprompter app. Prior to Apple, he worked with companies such as Rotten Tomatoes, Vox, and Shopify. During his Apple interview, he focused on highlighting his side projects due to confidentiality agreements on prior work. His persistence paid off on his fourth application attempt in 2021.

### Tara Larsen: Mastering Amazon's Leadership Principles

Tara Larsen underwent eight interviews before landing a job as an executive assistant at Amazon. She emphasized the importance of understanding Amazon's Leadership Principles (LPs) and incorporating them into interview responses. Larsen advised against trying to predict the LPs interviewers might want to hear. Instead, she recommended demonstrating how one's actions align with these principles throughout their career.

### Sahil Gaba: Embracing New Technologies for Amazon

Sahil Gaba’s goal was to move from a small fintech firm to Amazon. To achieve this, he dedicated time to learning new technologies and refining his interview techniques. His efforts resulted in a software engineering position at Amazon, which subsequently opened doors to offers from other Big Tech firms like Meta, Uber, and Google.

### Sandeep Rao: Building Credibility and Pursuing Education

Starting with a modest salary at Oracle in India, Sandeep Rao focused on gaining credibility within the tech industry. He pursued a computer science graduate program at Carnegie Mellon University, which he credits for his career advancement. Post-graduation, Rao secured a position at Apple, followed by a stint at Meta, significantly increasing his earning potential.

### Zubin Pratap: Networking to Transition Careers

After over a decade as a lawyer, Zubin Pratap pivoted to the tech industry at age 38. He networked extensively at engineering and developer conferences, learning to communicate effectively with tech professionals. This networking not only helped him understand the industry but also facilitated his hiring at Google after prior rejections.

These stories highlight the diverse approaches successful candidates have used to penetrate the competitive landscape of Big Tech companies. Whether through continuous learning, strategic use of side projects, mastering company-specific values, building on educational credentials, or networking, each path offers unique lessons for job seekers aiming for a breakthrough in this dynamic sector.  

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