3 Weekly LinkedIn Habits To Elevate Your Career

LinkedIn offers a potent platform for personal branding and career growth. To fully utilize its capabilities, implement these strategic habits into your weekly routine:

#### 1. Establish Your Authority

- **Post Regular Updates:** Keep your network engaged by sharing insightful updates. Whether it's articles, videos, or compelling statistics, ensure each post adds value and highlights your expertise.

- **Curate and Share Valuable Content:** When creating original content isn't an option, share high-quality articles or whitepapers. Adding your perspective enhances the shared content’s value, bolsters your authority, and enriches your personal brand.

#### 2. Strategic Networking

- **Manage Connection Requests:** Allocate time to evaluate new connection requests. Opt to connect with individuals who share professional interests or enhance the diversity of your network. For overly aggressive sales pitches, use LinkedIn’s features to decline or disconnect as necessary.

- **Celebrate Your Network's Successes:** Set up notifications to congratulate your connections on their achievements. Sending timely, personalized messages fosters stronger relationships.

- **Participate in LinkedIn Groups:** Select a few active groups that align with your interests and contribute regularly. This engagement is akin to being part of a dynamic professional association.

- **Organize Your Inbox:** Conduct a weekly inbox review to prioritize important messages and ignore non-essential ones.

#### 3. Gauge Your Influence

- **Monitor Profile Views:** Regularly check who’s viewing your profile to ensure you're attracting relevant professionals, such as decision-makers and influencers. This insight helps you tweak your profile for better appeal.

- **Analyze Post Engagement:** Examine the performance of your posts to understand what resonates with your audience. Leveraging this data, refine your content strategy to enhance engagement and impact.

By dedicating just 15 to 30 minutes each week to these practices, you can significantly strengthen your professional presence on LinkedIn. Start by scheduling these activities just like any critical appointment, and observe the growth in your career and personal brand.  

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