3 Tips for When Sales Teams SlumpWhen sales are slow, the same excuses arise again and again. Here's how to push back against them.

 Facing the pressure of tight deadlines and the myriad of unexpected life events, overcoming excuses, and continuing to progress is crucial, particularly in the realm of sales. Fortunately, expert sales professionals offer effective strategies to tackle frequent obstacles and discard excuses for good.

### Problem: Reluctant Customers

**Solution: Prompt a Clear Decision**

Ajay Prakash, the CEO and co-founder of Rinse, has navigated the challenges of evolving a local laundry service into a nationally recognized enterprise with significant investment backing. He highlights a common error among salespeople: spending excessive time on leads who are unlikely to convert. Prakash advises pushing these potential customers for a decisive "no" if necessary, which helps conserve time for more promising prospects. This approach involves setting firm deadlines or indicating that you are prepared to disengage, prompting the lead to make a final decision or step aside.

### Problem: Inactive Client Engagement

**Solution: Enhance Engagement Through Video**

Paola Doebel, Senior Vice President at Chicago-based Ensono IT Services, leverages her years of experience at tech giants like Dell and HPE to improve client communication. According to Doebel, clients are more responsive when they feel a personal connection and perceive the communication as meaningful. Her strategy uses video communication to introduce the company’s core team and values, making these introductions feel more personal and engaging than standard emails or written content. This method not only brings a human element to digital communication but also helps build trust and rapport with clients.

### Problem: Uncontrollable Factors Impacting Sales

**Solution: Concentrate on Controllable Aspects**

Natasha Engan, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Deltek, applies a proactive mindset to sales challenges, concentrating on elements within her control rather than external factors. With over two decades in the tech and software industry, Engan understands the dynamics of sales objections and concerns. Deltek promotes a collaborative environment where sales members can openly discuss and strategize on their leads, emphasizing the importance of attitude and work ethic in overcoming sales hurdles. This focus on controllable elements helps the team maintain momentum and productivity, regardless of external challenges.  

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