Where Are All the AI Jobs? Not Just in the San Francisco Bay AreaResearch shows companies are hiring AI talent in surprising hotspots all over the country.


Jobs in artificial intelligence are currently in high demand, with varying levels of hiring activity across different regions in the country. The University of Maryland's business school collaborated with job-market analytics firm LinkUp and fractional executive service Outrigger Group to develop an interactive map tracking the locations where AI jobs are being generated. An analysis by Axios revealed that during the first quarter of 2024, the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle experienced the most significant per capita growth in AI job opportunities, aligning with expectations. 

However, other metropolitan areas also saw notable growth in AI job creation per 100,000 residents. Austin, with 39.9 jobs per 100,000 residents due to the relocation of several tech companies, and the Washington, D.C. area, with 35.3 jobs per 100,000 residents, driven by the presence of the federal government and Defense contractors, stood out for their increased AI job growth. Northwest Arkansas, housing the University of Arkansas and Walmart's corporate headquarters, emerged as another hotspot for AI hiring. For instance, D.C.-based startup Xtremis, specializing in using AI for mapping electromagnetic energy, announced plans to establish a research facility in Arkansas, as reported by Axios.

 University of Maryland researchers observed that AI job growth tends to concentrate in major urban centers and areas near research universities with robust programs in machine learning and artificial intelligence. In 2023, the U.S. witnessed a rise in the creation of AI jobs, contrary to the tech industry's overall trend of contraction. On average, there were 10,000 AI job listings per month last year, with the top three sectors being professional, scientific, and technical services; information; and manufacturing.  

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