This is the best U.S. city for remote workers—it has a population of 68,000

Portland, Maine, with a population of 68,424, has been ranked as the top U.S. city for remote workers by, a global HR platform for distributed teams. This ranking is based on various factors such as quality of life, safety, internet infrastructure, economic conditions, and incentives for newcomers.

### Key Statistics

- **Median Household Income:** $71,000

- **Rent:** Approximately $1,400 per month

- **Median Home Value:** Around $412,000

- **Percentage of College Graduates:** 58%

### Why Portland, Maine?

Portland stands out due to its robust infrastructure, affordable housing, and welcoming community. The city's remote-friendly environment and overall quality of life make it an attractive option for remote workers.

### Economic Incentives

The state of Maine offers a student loan repayment program, providing eligible residents with up to $2,500 in refundable tax credits annually for college debt payments, up to a total of $25,000. This initiative aims to ease the burden of college debt for the state's residents.

### Changing Demographics

While Maine has historically lacked racial diversity, its growing immigrant population is reshaping its communities and economy, indicating increasing openness to new residents.

### Other Top U.S. Cities for Remote Work

Apart from Portland, several other U.S. cities made it to the top 100 list, including Honolulu, Hawaii (No. 19 overall); Des Moines, Iowa (No. 20 overall); New York, New York (No. 21 overall); Concord, New Hampshire (No. 23 overall); Minneapolis, Minnesota (No. 26 overall); Hamilton, Ohio (No. 27 overall); Topeka, Kansas (No. 29 overall); Louisville, Kentucky (No. 30 overall); and Montpelier, Vermont (No. 32 overall).

### Insights from the CEO of

Job van der Voort, co-founder and CEO of, highlights that the top cities for remote work are "walkable, green and nicely designed for residents," providing a high quality of life for remote workers.

Portland’s recognition as the best U.S. city for remote work is a testament to its strong infrastructure, affordable living, and appealing community, making it an ideal location for remote professionals seeking a high quality of life.  

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