More Americans say they are living paycheck to paycheck this year than in 2023—here’s why

1. **Living Paycheck to Paycheck**

   - Results from CNBC and SurveyMonkey’s recent Your Money International Financial Security Survey show that 65% of Americans now claim to live paycheck to paycheck, a slight increase from last year's 58%.

   - This year's survey polled 4,342 adults worldwide, including 498 U.S. adults, 500 adults from Mexico, 503 adults from Australia, and 482 adults from Singapore.

2. **Financial Security Across Income Levels**

   - The feeling of living paycheck to paycheck is prevalent across various income levels:

     - 35% feel financially secure at $50,000 per year

     - 44% at $100,000 per year

     - 11% at $500,000 per year.

3. **Financial Stressors**

   - The top financial stressors for those living paycheck to paycheck include:

     - 69% cite inflation

     - 59% cite lack of savings

     - 33% cite credit card debt

     - 28% cite medical or healthcare bills

     - 21% cite layoffs or loss of income.

4. **Factors Impacting Financial Stability**

   - When it comes to finally achieving financial stability, people prioritize:

     - 42% - spending less money than they make

     - 33% - having a well-paid and steady job

     - 11% - owning their own business.

5. **Alleviating Financial Pressure**

   - Experts recommend the following to ease financial pressure:

     - Start a savings account.

     - Try transferring debt to a balance transfer card with a 0% interest rate for a certain period.

6. **Advice from Experts**

   - Financial experts advise setting up automatic deductions from paychecks to build emergency savings and transferring debt to a 0% interest balance transfer card to reduce debt effectively.

This information sheds light on the prevalent financial struggles in America, offering valuable insights into the factors causing financial instability and expert recommendations for relief.  

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