I'm a digital nomad in Big Tech who got promoted to senior management in 2 years. Traveling constantly hasn't held me back.


When I joined Okta in March 2022 as a solutions architect, I was in Tulum, Mexico, having been a digital nomad for almost a year. My role at Okta was remote, and I went through the interview process online. After getting the job, I picked up my computer in Dallas, where my permanent address and belongings were stored in a unit. Since then, I've visited 16 countries, including Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Finland, and Austria, changing locations every few weeks to months. I believe in work-life balance, and I work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday, regardless of my location. I adjust my sleep schedule to match my company's work schedule, starting work at 5 p.m. local time from Dubai or 10 p.m. from Japan, and I find good internet before traveling to a new location. I've worked from places with unreliable infrastructure and ensured never to lose internet or power during my stay. The cost of living in the countries I travel to is lower than in sunny, coastal places in the US, offsetting my traveling expenses with my American salary.

I prefer to start working in the afternoon or evening as a night owl, allowing me to have the day to myself. Additionally, I never travel to places where I have to start working in the morning, and I chase summer, avoiding cold weather. My travels are often inspired by food, and I enjoy discovering new restaurants and cafes in coastal cities near the water. Despite the sacrifices of the digital nomad life, I find it all worth it.

I was promoted to senior management in January, even at my relatively young age, due to my 10 years of experience and stellar work performance. My work-life balance significantly contributes to my performance, and I wanted to focus on streamlining business processes in my new role. Being a digital nomad has never affected my work, and my career remains a source of pride. I don't have the fear of missing out (FOMO) about working in an office, as I enjoy meeting new people while traveling and find that my happiness from traveling positively impacts my work. A psychologically healthy person is more valuable to a company, and I believe it is reflected in my work.  

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