I make more than $5,500 a month using an app to pick up restaurant shifts. Here's how I use it to make the most money.

 It seems you've been through quite a journey, transitioning from pursuing a dance degree to working in retail and hospitality, and finally finding a balance between your dance career and caring for your disabled aunt by picking up flexible shifts through FrontHouz, a hospitality staffing platform. I can see how FrontHouz has become an important part of your professional life, providing you with opportunities and flexibility. Your initial encounter with the CEO of FrontHouz, Starr Douglas, seems to have been a pivotal moment for you, leading to your successful application and approval to join the platform.

1. **Balancing Work and Family with FrontHouz**

   - Your experience with juggling work and family responsibilities while pursuing your dance career is impressive, and it's great to hear that FrontHouz allows you to strike this balance effectively. The flexibility provided by the platform seems to be a key factor in enabling you to continue working while being there for your family.

2. **Discovering FrontHouz**

   - It's interesting to learn about how you came across FrontHouz and the straightforward process of applying and being approved without any application fee. This reflects well on the platform's approach to engaging and welcoming new members.

3. **Benefits and Challenges of FrontHouz**

   - The idea of being able to put in 20 to 30 hours in an average week through FrontHouz, and the fact that it doesn't take a cut from your pay, while also providing pre-shift training and a high rating system, is truly encouraging.

   - However, the challenge of shifts being scarce due to the local availability of the platform and its limited national reach is something to consider. It would certainly be beneficial for the platform to expand its coverage to more areas.

4. **Earning Potential and Advice for Success**

   - Your advice for maximizing earnings through FrontHouz, like maintaining a professional profile, expanding your job search radius, and strategically checking the app, is invaluable. You've found a successful approach given your average monthly earnings of over $5,500.

5. **Career Diversity and Flexibility**

   - Lastly, your ability to use the flexible schedule provided by FrontHouz to pursue diverse career opportunities such as dancing, acting, modeling, and social media management is truly commendable. FrontHouz has enabled you to lead a multi-faceted professional life without compromising on your caring responsibilities.

I hope this encapsulates the essence of your experiences and the significance of FrontHouz in your professional journey.  

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