I got my dream job at Apple on my fourth attempt. Here's why I left the 6-figure job after only 2 years.

At the age of 14, I began coding and creating animations for games. Pursuing computer technology at college provided me with the opportunity to expand my skill set and gain experience in creating marketing websites for record labels. In 2014, I was hired by an agency to specialize in marketing engineering, which involves SEO implementation, logo and domain name generation, and other related tasks. To further diversify my skills, I freelanced in graphic design and marketing website development.

 Establishing my own media company, CG3, and launching a directory for Black-owned businesses, Hyper Link, were also significant milestones. In January 2019, I developed a free teleprompter product called teleprompt.me, which I later renamed Speakflow. I converted it into a subscription service and saw a significant increase in subscribers from 2020 to 2021. Throughout my career, I have applied for various positions at Apple four times before finally landing a job as a software engineer at Apple in August 2021. My diverse set of skills, acquired through various freelance projects and my media business, were instrumental in securing this position.

 Work in various industries, such as music and small technical clients, further showcased my versatility. The interview process highlighted the breadth of my skillset. I left my job at Apple after two years to join the Apple Music team, where I work on software for radio and podcasts. I worked both remotely and in a hybrid pattern, with some time spent at the Culver City, California office. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Apple and the office atmosphere. However, I longed for more flexibility in my schedule, particularly as a  

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