How to start a high-paying side hustle: ‘It has to be something that you’re actually passionate about,’ says expert

1. **Popularity of Side Hustles**: A Bankrate survey in May 2023 revealed that 39% of Americans engage in side hustles to earn extra income.

2. **Diverse Opportunities**: The avenues for starting a side hustle are diverse, ranging from specialty deliveries to selling used clothing online to coding.

3. **Advice from Experts**: According to Kathy Kristof, the CEO of, success in a side hustle is closely tied to being passionate about the endeavor, as it can lead to the development of unique skills.

4. **Passion and Profit**: Kristof cites the example of a mechanic earning over $100,000 annually by answering mechanical questions on JustAnswer, attributing his success to his genuine care and passion for his work.

5. **Identifying Your Passion**: Kristof recommends evaluating activities done in leisure time, such as singing, playing an instrument, sewing, reading, or gardening, to identify potential interests that can be monetized as a side hustle.

6. **Insights from Quizzes**: Platforms like and Make It offer quizzes to help individuals match their interests and skills with potential side hustles.

7. **Finding Enjoyment**: Daniella Flores, the founder of I Like to Dabble, emphasizes that a side hustle doesn't necessarily have to be a burning passion; it can also be based on activities that one simply enjoys, ensuring that it remains a pleasant experience.

8. **Balancing Act**: Ultimately, the key to successful side hustle is finding an activity that brings enjoyment rather than dread, as it is an additional endeavor on top of existing responsibilities.

 Whether it's a deep passion or simply an enjoyable pursuit, the underlying factor for a successful side hustle is the ability to derive satisfaction and fulfillment from the endeavor.  

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