Boeing Woes Create Plane Shortage, Hitting Airlines and Related BusinessesThe decision by regulators to limit Boeing's 737 MAX production after the Alaska Airlines drama continues to generate negative fallout for airlines and the many businesses that depend on air travel


  As a busy entrepreneur, you may be tempted to overlook Boeing's ongoing industrial issues, but doing so could have significant consequences for your business. Reduced production and deliveries of the 737 MAX mean that airline customers are cutting flight schedules and asking pilots to take unpaid leave, leading to a squeeze on air traffic and higher airfare prices.

 Moreover, the Federal Aviation Administration's decision to cap production of the 737 MAX at 2023 levels may not be lifted anytime soon, given the recurring safety dysfunctions that led to a recent side panel blowout. These developments have significant implications for your business, as they may lead to reduced customer demand, higher costs, and delays in receiving new airplanes.

 Therefore, it is essential to stay informed about Boeing's industrial troubles and their impact on the airline industry to make informed decisions that benefit your business.  

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