'Sick Leave' searches increase 83% deepening employee benefits mismatch


Burnout and overtime have become synonymous for our working culture, but at what price? A new analysis of the most sought-after benefits in the US has revealed that American workers are increasingly getting sick, with Google searches for 'sick leave' and 'paid medical leave' soaring 83% and 22%, respectively, compared to the same period last year. 

A new study from PsychologyJobs.com has analyzed job listings to assess the most common benefits offered to psychologists and explore disparities among the different fields. The findings reveal a diverse offering amongst employers, highlighting areas where improvements can be made, with just 26% of job listings analyzed openly listing the benefits on offer in the particular workplace. 


Less than 1% of the job listings openly offered parental leave


Analyzing Google searches, the study revealed maternity and paternity leave was the 6th most searched for benefits, with over 33K searches a month. However, Psychologyjobs.com’s research revealed that only 13 job listings of the 1,400 analyzed openly offered this benefit. 

This was just one more job listing than sick leave which also proved to be an extremely rare benefit amongst psychologists with 12 listings stating they offered this. 

60% of education employers and 56% of healthcare employers offer health insurance as a benefit


Looking at the industries hiring psychologists most, the healthcare sector is recruiting the most at 53%, followed by the education sector at 30% and social services at 7%. 

The most sought-after benefit, according to Google search data, is FSA, with an average of over 246K searches a month. With life insurance matching that and health insurance following closely behind with 201K a month, healthcare is top of America’s priorities. Despite this, only 55% of job listings offered health insurance, rising to 60% of employers in the education sector and 56% in healthcare employers. 


Other benefits included retirement plans, flexible schedules, paid time off, and dental insurance. Whilst 46% of job listings offered some form of retirement plan, over half did not, and even less offered paid time off (39%). 


Over half (55%) of  job offerings have salaries of over $100k


Out of 10 psychology fields analyzed, licensed clinical psychologists were offered the highest salary at up to 416,000 dollars, almost double the second highest, school psychologists at $207,000. 

Whilst each field stated different requirements to reach the highest pay, each role needed between 2-3 years of graduate study, with industrial-organizational psychology needing up to 5. 

The study found that the lowest paying fields were mental health (up to $60,000) and family therapy (up to $70,000), although neither needed a doctorate-level degree, unlike the others.


Only 26% of job listings offer transparency when listing salary & benefits


Of all the 1,400 job listings analyzed, none of them offered all seven benefits: health insurance, retirement plan, flexible schedule, annual leave, dental insurance, parental leave, and sick leave. Just 2 employers offered six out of the seven, with sick leave missing from their listed benefits. 32 employers, equating to 2% of the listings, provided five out of the seven, whilst the majority offered a combination of four benefits.

For more detailed findings, please visit: https://psychologyjobs.com/psychologist-employee-benefits/

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