Karlie Kloss Is Relaunching LIFE Magazine

Announcement of the Revival

1. **Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner** have joined forces to revive **LIFE Magazine**, a renowned and iconic photo magazine that ceased regular publication over two decades ago.

2. Their company, **Bedford Media**, has struck a deal with **Dotdash Meredith** to reintroduce LIFE Magazine in both print and digital formats, signaling a revival of this historic publication.

### Insights into the Deal

3. After acquiring **i-D Magazine** from Vice Media Group, Bedford Media has now secured another significant venture with the revival of LIFE Magazine.

4. Dotdash Meredith, formed by IAC after acquiring Meredith for $2.7 billion, possesses the full rights to the LIFE photography and content archives dating back to the 1930s. They will also continue to publish special interest magazines for the LIFE brand available on newsstands.

### Leadership and Strategy

5. Karlie Kloss, as the CEO of Bedford Media, expressed the intention for LIFE to be an uplifting and unifying voice in today's chaotic media landscape, acknowledging the magazine's iconic legacy and its ability to connect diverse audiences through universal humanity narratives.

6. Joshua Kushner, the founder of Thrive Capital, is set to take on the role of publisher for LIFE Magazine, emphasizing LIFE's historical focus on blending culture, current events, and everyday life to underscore the triumphs, challenges, and unique perspectives that shape our world.

### Historical Context

7. LIFE Magazine, which originated in 1883 and enjoyed popular success as a weekly magazine until its publication was halted in 1972 by Time Inc., was revived in 1978 before it experienced a suspension of regular publication in 2000.

8. Describing itself as a media holding company focused on artisanal storytelling, authenticity, and shared cultural resonance, Bedford Media aims to integrate iconic brands with innovative approaches to engage with audiences, emphasizing quality and depth over ubiquity.

This significant revitalization effort led by Kloss and Kushner brings anticipation for the return of an influential voice in media, and suggests a renewed focus on meaningful storytelling and cultural resonance.  

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