3 ways to spot a toxic workplace before taking the job

 When workplace issues arise, such as having a narcissistic boss or dealing with sabotaging colleagues, they can significantly impact your daily life. Career coach Laura Leuillier highlighted three warning signs of a toxic workplace that you can identify before accepting a job offer:

1. High Staff Turnover: Leuillier pointed out that if employees leave a company quickly, it could signify underlying problems. She recommended checking LinkedIn to see how long employees typically remain in their roles. Additionally, reaching out to current or former employees in your potential team and examining company reviews on Glassdoor can provide valuable insights. Look for repeated negative comments on Glassdoor as a potential red flag.

2. Interview Dynamics: During the interview, Leuillier stressed that candidates should feel comfortable showcasing their skills while being appropriately challenged. However, if the hiring manager monopolizes the conversation and shows disinterest in your input, it could indicate future challenges in working together. Pay attention if they fail to engage with your answers or dismiss critical questions, as well as if they speak negatively about colleagues or display defensiveness.

3. Defensive Responses and Buzzwords: To gauge a company's culture, Leuillier recommended asking about the type of employees that thrive in the organization, preferred communication styles, and collaboration practices. Defensive or offended reactions to these inquiries could raise concerns. Moreover, certain buzzwords, like "work hard, play hard," might signal a lack of emphasis on work-life balance. Leuillier noted that clients who ignored their intuition during interviews and accepted job offers often encountered issues at the workplace. She warned that joining a toxic workplace could lead to returning to the job market within six to 12 months.  

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