When I was hired at my first tech job I got an 81% salary bump. I had no idea my customer service skills would transfer.


In 2014, I started my career in Atlanta as a guest services associate at a corporate wellness management company, earning a modest $25,000 annually. Despite feeling overqualified, I saw this as a foot in the door of a company I admired, and an opportunity to pursue my passion for wellness. The following year, I transitioned into the role of wellness associate with a salary of $29,000 after the company changed facilities, allowing me to oversee more wellness programs. This move felt like a step in the right direction for my career aspirations.

A year later, I was promoted to wellness coordinator, earning a slightly higher salary of $32,000. Managing my own wellness facility within a multi-tenant complex allowed me to develop valuable client relationship management skills. However, as time passed, I began to see a professional dead end and realized that my passion alone would not lead to significant career growth. Recognizing my interest in the business side of facility management, I decided to pursue business school in 2018.

Balancing my responsibilities at the facility and business school became manageable, signifying that a career change was necessary. Encouraged by friends to explore opportunities in the tech industry due to its job security, I began my transition. This change led me to my first tech role as an associate customer success manager, where I experienced a substantial raise to $67,000, along with improved work-life balance and job satisfaction.

After proving to be a top performer, I was promoted to senior associate customer success manager with a salary of $67,000 and a bonus of $15,000, following a demanding negotiation process. Seeking continued growth, I embraced a more technical role as a technical account manager, earning $97,000 annually, with a 10% bonus and 500 stock options. Although the company experienced restructuring and uncertainties, I felt fairly compensated amidst the challenges presented by inflation.

Presently, I hold the position of senior customer success manager with a salary of $102,000, a 12% bonus, and 500 stock options. While I feel valued in my current role, I aspire for a base salary closer to $115,000 and a 15% bonus during the upcoming annual reviews.

Reflecting on my journey, I am proud of the successful transition from the wellness to the tech industry. I have learned that remaining open to change can result in exciting opportunities. I encourage individuals to identify transferable skills that can facilitate a transition to a higher-paying field and to maintain positive relationships with recruiters, as they may hold the key to future opportunities.  

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