Top 5 Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Or Dads


Working from home offers a favorable work-life balance, granting individuals more time with their families. On average, remote workers gain an estimated additional five hours per week that would have otherwise been spent on commuting. For the average American, the daily commute duration totals to 55.2 minutes. While many companies currently allow part-time remote work, full-time remote positions are also available, providing an opportunity for parents to work from home. Here are five top stay-at-home job options for moms and dads:

1. Call Center Agent: Responsibilities include responding to calls, emails, and customer inquiries over webchat. Based on the company, agents may handle inbound or blended inbound/outbound calls.

   Median Pay: $35,389 per year

   Qualifications: Typically, a high school diploma suffices, with on-the-job training available for additional skills.

2. Virtual Assistant: Duties involve remotely providing assistance to organizations or individuals, such as interacting with clients, organizing data, conducting research, and managing schedules.

   Median Pay: $41,000 per year

   Qualifications: No specific qualifications are mandatory, but strong computer skills are essential.

3. Online Tutoring: Online tutors assist students with exam preparation and coursework.

   Median Pay: $51,058 per year

   Qualifications: Requirements vary based on expertise and subjects taught, generally necessitating a GED and specific certifications for certain subjects.

4. Remote Software Developer: Focuses on designing, creating, testing, and maintaining software programs and systems.

   Median Pay: $111,000 per year

   Qualifications: While a degree is not mandatory, proficiency in languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is essential, with courses available for learning these skills.

5. Data Entry Clerk: Responsibilities include inputting and maintaining accurate data in computer systems and databases.

   Median Pay: $40,000 per year

   Qualifications: Typically requires a high school diploma.

To land a great remote job, one should ensure their resume is updated and apply to companies offering remote work. Vacancies can be found on job sites, and networking with friends and family can also provide leads. However, working from home requires self-discipline, as individuals must create a suitable workspace, structure their day, and manage distractions to avoid loss of productivity. Despite these considerations, successfully working from home can be highly rewarding for those who are self-motivated and organized.  

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