The Power of the 2-Word Job DescriptionBring focus back to your company by boiling your purpose down to an essential few words.


When discussing the impact of iconic figures like Oprah, Walt Disney, and Michael Eisner, it's clear that their approach to work wasn't merely about logistical tasks and schedules, but rather about embodying a specific purpose and passion in their roles. Amid a chaotic work environment dominated by meetings, emails, and distractions, a concise two-word job description can provide clarity and empowerment, emphasizing the "how" of the job and one's meaningful impact. For example, Walt Disney's two-word job description could be "Unleash imagination," reflecting his focus on imaginative storytelling and creativity.

 Similarly, Michael Eisner's might be "Make money," encapsulating his dedication to business and profitability. Oprah Winfrey's impactful job description could be "Teach others," highlighting her passion for education and empowerment. Fred Rogers might be encapsulated by "Be kind," reflecting his deep commitment to fostering empathy and understanding in his audience. 

Two years ago, I transformed my experience of work by adopting my own two-word job description: "Be helpful." This new perspective allowed me to approach each task and interaction as an opportunity to be of service, shifting my experience of the daily whirlwind of activity from one of survival to one of purpose and impact. Although I'm not perfect at embodying my two-word job description every day, it has significantly enhanced my sense of purpose and fulfillment in my work. What's your two-word job description?  

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