The most in-demand job skills might not be the ones you think From adaptability to critical thinking to teamwork and collaboration, success at work involves skills you might not think to put on your résumé.


Becoming adept at some work tasks comes naturally over time, while others demand specific skills that develop with practice. This became evident to me while training new team members. It forced me to slow down and consider how to best explain each step and the skills required. The blend of technical and soft/creative skills was highlighted, leading me to wonder: What are the essential skills needed to tackle everyday tasks and collaborate effectively? 

For instance, due to the upheaval Gen Z experienced, they may benefit from more support in building workflow strategies, managing distractions, and developing professionalism - skills that older generations might take for granted. Although there are numerous ways to acquire new technical skills, research shows that companies are increasingly valuing soft skills, which Gen Z may need to develop. Adaptability and critical thinking are highlighted as key skills for the future, essential for evaluating AI responses and thriving in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Additionally, the ability to leverage connections is crucial. Being able to observe the strengths of others and build strong collaborative teams is highly valued. Even informal networking, such as making small talk with colleagues, is important in nurturing work connections. These skills tie into the undeniable importance of emotional intelligence, especially in challenging times. Therefore, in a period of uncertainty, emotional intelligence can strengthen connections and support professional success.  

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