The most common job-search mistake young workers make, says career counselor who’s advised thousands

College students frequently make mistakes in their job search process by focusing solely on preparing their application materials and applying to jobs while neglecting the crucial steps of researching and networking. Candidates who skip these stages often appear unprepared compared to those who have conducted thorough research and built a network. Hiring managers value candidates who are well-informed about industry trends and can engage in meaningful conversations about their field. Additionally, understanding the specifics of a job opening and the company's goals is key for success in interviews.

To prepare for job applications, students are advised to engage in two types of research: understanding industry trends and becoming familiar with specific job openings. Networking is emphasized as a valuable tool for building relationships and gathering information that can aid in the job search process. It is suggested to dedicate regular time to the job search rather than cramming, starting the process well in advance, and setting aside a few hours each week to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

In essence, students are encouraged to invest time in both research and networking, as these efforts can set them apart as exceptional candidates in the job market.  

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