The Highest-Rated Independent Restaurants In The US, Ranked

 Two of the country's three highest-rated independent eateries are vegan restaurants.

Small business lending company OnDeck wanted to find out which independent restaurants were the highest-rated in the US, so they analyzed ratings for eateries with ratings of 4 stars or higher and at least 100 reviews.

After filtering down to 5,113 independently owned restaurants, the establishments were ranked across several categories — including pizza, vegan, burger, and breakfast spots — and for each US state, based on which had the highest star ratings out of five.

Key Findings:

  • The country's three highest-rated independent restaurants all have an average rating of five stars. Two are vegan eateries in Los Angeles — Hey, Sunshine Kitchen and Beewali's Vegan AF — while the other is Wyoming's Destination Taiwan.

  • Of the ten highest-rated, independently owned pizza places in the US, three belong to CaliforniaHillcrust Pizza (4.9 stars) and Siamo Napoli (4.8), both in San Diego, and LA's Pizzeria Company.

  • One of America's highest-rated indie burger joints is the Leatherneck Club in Las Vegas, which has an average rating of 4.9 stars.

  • When it comes to independently owned restaurants serving international food, the highest-rated spots in the country include Bistro 6050 in Chicago, IllinoisIts Izakaya in Las Vegas, Nevada and Shoufi Mahfi Mediterranean Grill in Orlando, Florida.

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Via OnDeck.

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