My husband went through the Amazon Pivot process. It was crushing to watch him cry over losing his job.

  I'm sorry to hear about the challenging experience your husband went through. It's clear that this has been incredibly difficult for both of you and has had a significant impact on your family. Understandably, you would have reservations and concerns about the fairness and effectiveness of the performance management process, especially given your husband's dedication and the positive feedback he has received from customers and colleagues.

It's disheartening to see the toll this situation has taken on your husband, both personally and professionally. The emotional and financial strain, as well as the impact on family plans and your child's perception, is undoubtedly difficult to navigate. It's commendable that your husband has chosen to pursue other opportunities and that you are supporting him through this transition.

It's also understandable that seeing the company's response to your husband's situation, as well as the statement from the Amazon spokesperson, may leave you feeling frustrated and unheard. It's essential to have open communication and fairness in any employment process, especially when it has far-reaching effects on individuals and their families.

I hope that your husband finds success in his job search and that your family can move forward from this challenging time. It's clear that you both value hard work and resilience, and I believe that your husband’s dedication and capabilities will shine through in the opportunities that lie ahead.  

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