Most stressful jobs to work in revealed; bank switching market is back - and you could get £175

 The health and social work industry has been identified as the most stressful industry to work in, according to research. Analysis of government data conducted by revealed that 3,530 out of 100,000 workers in this industry reported stress-related illnesses caused or exacerbated by their employment. 

This industry includes professionals such as doctors, therapists, and nursing home assistants. Additionally, other industries ranking high on the list for stress include public defense (encompassing prison officers and security guards), education, finance, retail, and property.  

 According to a spokesperson from, there is a "mental health crisis" that employers need to address. They stressed the importance of creating an open environment for employees to discuss their thoughts and feelings, emphasizing regular check-ins as a way to protect employees' mental health. 

The spokesperson also highlighted that personal injury claims are not limited to physical harm and can include mental, emotional, or psychological harm caused by stress at work. They advised individuals who have experienced work-related stress to seek guidance from a legal professional.  

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