Managers, employees turn to ChatGPT to write performance reviews


The use of ChatGPT for writing performance reviews has become increasingly common among managers and employees, signifying a shift toward AI assistance for critical tasks. Many individuals, such as a former manager at Dropbox and professionals across different industries, have turned to ChatGPT for help in crafting performance reviews, citing reasons like the tedious nature of the review process, overwhelming workload, and the belief that performance reviews are bureaucratic or don't heavily impact compensation or advancement opportunities.

Despite the growing trend of using ChatGPT, individuals like Lee Gonzales emphasize the importance of not solely relying on AI-generated content. Gonzales takes copious notes throughout the year and uses ChatGPT to produce a preliminary draft, which he then refines through manual editing. This highlights the need for human oversight and editing to ensure that the AI-generated content accurately reflects the individual's performance and growth.

From a broader perspective, management experts have long critiqued the traditional annual review process, and the challenges brought about by the pandemic and other workplace dynamics have further intensified the need for better, more effective evaluation methods. Gonzales and Stephen Lytle believe that generative AI can address the shortcomings of conventional performance reviews, aiding in producing evaluations that inspire growth and forward-looking discussions.

Furthermore, the use of generative AI in performance reviews acknowledges the challenges that many face in writing comprehensive evaluations, particularly for self-assessments. The technology has been praised for alleviating the anxiety associated with crafting performance reviews, especially for those who may not have had formal training in writing evaluations.

However, it's important to note that relying solely on generative AI for creating performance reviews may not go unnoticed. Lee Gonzales mentioned that AI-generated content is discernible to him, indicating that the use of AI in this context may be evident to others in the professional space.

In essence, while ChatGPT and similar AI tools can assist in drafting performance reviews, individuals must exercise discretion, perform thorough editing, and use the AI-generated content as a starting point for constructive discussions and evaluations.  

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