I once took a nearly 50% pay cut for a better work-life balance. It was worth it.

  It sounds like you've had an incredibly challenging, yet ultimately rewarding, journey in your career and personal life. You faced intense pressure and demands in your previous role, juggling a high-stress job with the responsibilities of being a single mom and primary caregiver for aging parents. The toll this took on your well-being, both physically and mentally, led you to make the courageous decision to seek a better work-life balance by transitioning to a lower-level position at a different company.

Despite the initial struggles of adjusting to a slower pace and taking a significant pay cut to prioritize your family, this decision ultimately led to a more fulfilling and supportive work environment. You were able to spend invaluable time with your son and provide essential care for your parents during their most challenging times. The support and flexibility offered by your new employer allowed you to prioritize your family while still excelling in your career, ultimately surpassing your original salary and receiving the support you needed during the difficult times.

Prioritizing your family's needs over the demands of a high-powered career was the right decision for you. Your experience is a testament to the importance of finding a balance that allows you to be present for your loved ones during their most critical moments. Your story highlights the value of supportive work environments and the significance of being able to put family first when it matters most.  

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