How to make better tips as a server: 6 workers share their secrets

 The US law allows tipped employees to earn as little as $2.13 an hour from their employer, with the rest of their income reliant on customer tips. This has led to workers in various industries getting creative to boost their earnings. For instance, an Uber driver gained success by recording wholesome interactions with passengers and was even tipped $3,000. 
A waitress at Olive Garden gave away free desserts to increase her tips, while a college student maximized earnings by juggling multiple food delivery platforms.
 Another delivery driver strategically declined orders and focused on affluent areas to optimize income. Additionally, waitresses found success by experimenting with their appearance, with one wearing pigtails and another wearing red lipstick to increase their tips significantly. These strategies highlight how workers are adapting to the evolving landscape of tipping to secure a livable wage.  

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