Don’t make this critical mistake, says ex-Amazon recruiter—it almost cost ‘the most qualified’ candidate a 7-figure offer


Former Amazon recruiter Lindsay Mustain provides valuable advice to job candidates, emphasizing the importance of showcasing specific work accomplishments and aligning them with the job they are applying for. According to Mustain, it is essential to clearly communicate the results of your work, such as increasing sales by a certain percentage or completing specific tasks relevant to the job.

 Mustain recalls an instance where a highly qualified applicant missed out on a substantial job offer because he did not effectively convey his work experience. Despite having an impressive background, the candidate failed to articulate his specific achievements and job responsibilities, leaving Mustain unsure of his qualifications. 

She then emphasized the significance of demonstrating one's unique contributions that generate value for the company. By highlighting the relevance of his work in last-mile transportation to Amazon's operations, the candidate was able to secure a lucrative job offer. Mustain stresses the importance of articulating how one's work experience directly benefits the company, whether in a resume, recruiter conversation or during the interview process.  

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