Time to apply and fatigue ranked among the top challenges for pursuing a new job, according to a study by CompTIA that included all types of roles.

The data comes from CompTIA’s Job Seeker Trends study, which included a survey that took place from Jan. 10 through Jan. 17 and included 1,001 job seekers.

Top challenges in pursuing a new job included:

  1. Time to apply for jobs, fill out applications and participate in interviews
  2. Mental fatigue and stress of lengthy job searches
  3. Automated application systems that screen out candidates
  4. Balancing job searches with the demands of work or family
  5. Information overload with job boards and career sites
  6. Too many rounds of interviews
  7. Figuring out where/how to start job search strategy

CompTIA’s survey also asked about factors contributing to job seekers pursuing new employment. They were:

  1. Financial situation changed
  2. Stuck in a rut and wanting something new
  3. Burnout or stress
  4. Unhappy with current career trajectory
  5. Values or life priorities changed

Another finding: 67% of those seeking jobs know about AI, 19% have used AI to review or enhance a résumé or cover letter, 14% have used it for interactive coaching and 14% have used it to automatically apply for jobs or manage applications.

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