Biden Admin Backing Away From Aggressive Push For Electric Vehicles As Consumer Demand Remains Low


President Joe Biden is reportedly considering adjusting the administration's approach to promoting electric vehicles due to low consumer demand, concerns from dealerships, and challenges faced by automakers in shifting production from gas vehicles to electric ones. The New York Times has reported that the administration views this potential shift as a compromise with automakers and labor unions, intending to ease the pressure associated with transitioning to electric vehicles.

The move is said to involve postponing stringent requirements for automakers to rapidly increase electric vehicle sales until after 2030, thus providing more time for the industry to adapt. This adjustment is expected to address concerns over the current lack of charging infrastructure, long recharging times for electric vehicles, and potential performance issues in adverse weather conditions.

Former President Donald Trump has strongly criticized President Biden's stance on electric vehicles, claiming that the administration's push for electric cars is a "ridiculous hoax" and alleging that it could result in the loss of the domestic auto industry to China. Trump has urged support for his own plans and warned that the adoption of Biden's strategy could have detrimental effects on the American auto industry and consumers.  

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