A millennial is using side hustles to help meet financial goals and partially retire at 45. Here are a few of the gigs he's had success with.

  Scott, a 32-year-old financial analyst, is determined to make the most of life while adapting to his recent polycystic kidney disease diagnosis. His ultimate goal is to achieve early retirement, reduce his work hours by age 45 and fully retire before his 60s. To achieve this, he is prioritizing paying off his existing financial obligations, including a $60,000 auto loan and his mortgage. His strategy involves leveraging passive income and side hustles, such as YouTube, DataAnnotation, Prolific, Connect, UserTesting, and the Amazon Influencer Program.

YouTube has become a significant side hustle for Scott, allowing him to share his experiences with various hustles and provide insights on taxes and earnings. He has also found success with DataAnnotation, where he has earned approximately $1,000 by training AI chatbots. However, he notes that this market has become oversaturated. Scott also utilizes survey platforms like Prolific and Connect, emphasizing their flexibility and income-boosting potential, although he acknowledges they may not generate substantial wealth.

In addition, UserTesting has emerged as a favorite side hustle for Scott, offering good pay for short test sessions. Moreover, he has delved into the Amazon Influencer Program, earning nearly $3,800 last year through this avenue. Scott advises that the choice of side hustle depends on the individual's goals - recommending surveys and DataAnnotation for those seeking additional income while suggesting more scalable options like YouTube and the Amazon Influencer Program for passive income streams.

Scott's proactive approach to financial management and dedication to diversifying his income streams reflects a strategic and forward-thinking mindset tailored to his health condition and long-term retirement goals.  

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