3 things to never do at work, according to an HR professional​ with 10 years' worth of experience


After working in HR for 10 years, I've gathered valuable insights on essential work behavior that can either benefit or hinder your professional progression. Here are three critical "don'ts" I've learned:

1. Avoid Oversharing: It's crucial not to overshare personal information in the workplace. While it's natural to form connections with colleagues, oversharing can lead to misinterpretations and potential consequences. For instance, I once mentioned my car troubles to a coworker, and later, when a job opportunity arose requiring travel, my manager expressed concern based on that information, ultimately affecting the outcome. This experience taught me the importance of guarding personal information at work to avoid unwanted assumptions and decisions being made on my behalf.

2. Refrain from Excessive Humility: While being humble is a positive trait, it's essential not to downplay your achievements or be excessively modest. It's vital to advocate for yourself and be vocal about your accomplishments in a professional setting. I've observed that individuals who are too humble tend to be overlooked for promotions and opportunities. Recognizing this, I've learned the significance of self-advocacy and ensuring that my contributions are acknowledged and valued.

3. Exercise Caution at Work Events: I've noticed that staying too long at company events can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Whether it's excessive alcohol consumption or inappropriate behavior, extended attendance at these functions can result in negative consequences. While it's important to show face and spend time at such gatherings, it's wise not to overstay. I've adopted a balanced approach, typically limiting my presence to a couple of hours to mitigate potential risks associated with prolonged participation.

By adhering to these guiding principles, one can navigate the professional landscape more effectively and steer clear of potential pitfalls in the workplace.  

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