3 of the most surprising resume mistakes an ex-Amazon recruiter has ever seen

In her extensive career spanning over a decade, Lindsay Mustain has come across a multitude of resumes in her roles at companies like Amazon and Comcast, and in her current position as the CEO of Talent Paradigm, a career coaching and resume writing company. Mustain emphasizes the importance of showcasing achievements rather than listing general tasks under job titles. She has noticed that junior role applicants tend to make more unconventional resume choices.

Mustain recalls one instance where an applicant included their driver’s license photo at the top corner of their resume, a decision she found questionable and potentially self-disqualifying, as she believes most job roles do not require a candidate's photograph, unless in certain industries such as modeling or real estate. She also recounts an episode where a resume for a call center representative role included stickers, which she found unprofessional and likely to detract from the candidate's credibility. Lastly, Mustain remembers a candidate using scented, colored paper reminiscent of "Legally Blonde's" Elle Woods for an entry-level role application, a choice that she found creatively notable but ultimately unprofessional.

Mustain's experience highlights the importance of maintaining a professional and serious tone in resumes, focusing on career accomplishments rather than incorporating unconventional elements that may overshadow the candidate's qualifications.  

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