3 in-demand freelance jobs that you can do from home—one can pay $500 an hour


As of 2023, the number of Americans freelancing has reached an all-time high, with 64 million people, or 38% of the workforce, working as independent contractors. This trend is driven by businesses looking to save on costs and has led to an increased demand for freelance services. According to Fiverr, among the most in-demand freelance services for 2024 are video editing, social media management, content creation, and mobile app development.

Video editing services have seen a surge in demand, particularly in AI video editing and short-form content editing for platforms like Reels, Shorts, and TikTok. Freelancers in this field typically charge at least $100 per project. Social media management and content creation have also seen increasing demand, with a focus on creating authentic content to engage audiences. Freelancers in this area charge at least $150 per project. Additionally, mobile app development is in high demand, with freelancers charging at least $500 per project. 

Beyond technical skills, successful freelancers are distinguished by their soft skills and endorsements. Fiverr emphasizes the importance of trust, highlighting the value of communication, organization, and proof of using these skills to establish trust with clients.  

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