The 2024 Workforce Insights Report by Indeed reveals that a majority of workers are actively considering new job opportunities and are generally optimistic about their job prospects. Based on a survey of 5,058 US adults aged 18 to 65, the report found that 71% of workers are open to new opportunities and 69% feel positive about their job prospects. The top reasons motivating people to seek new jobs include the desire for higher pay (58%), better benefits (34%), and more flexible hours (26%).

Despite this optimism, workers encounter various challenges and barriers throughout the job application process. These include unclear salary ranges, lengthy and complex application processes, and a need for certifications and formal education. Nearly half of the respondents indicated that they rely on themselves to secure a job rather than using recruiters or referrals. Additionally, 38% of respondents stated that they would give up on a job application if the salary range was not disclosed. Furthermore, 43% identified the lack of certification as a significant barrier to finding the job they desired, while 41% cited insufficient formal education or professional training as a challenge.

When it comes to job search resources, the report found that 61% of respondents use job search websites, 54% conduct research on companies before applying, and 56% regularly consult employee reviews. Despite these efforts, a concerning trend emerges in the form of "ghosting" during the job application and interview process. While 77% of workers typically hear back from employers within two weeks after submitting an application, 52% reported being ignored by recruiters once the interview process began. Additionally, 29% admitted to having ignored a recruiter.

Overall, the report underscores workers' optimism toward new job opportunities but also sheds light on the challenges and complexities they face throughout the application and interview processes.  

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