Tech and leadership skills rank among the skills that US employees are most interested in when it comes to learning and development opportunities, according to a report released today by Randstad nv.

By generation, these are the top interests of US workers:

  • Gen Z’s top interests are programming and coding, coaching and mentoring, and management and leadership skills.
  • Millennials’ top interests are management and leadership skills, IT and technology literacy, and programming and coding.
  • Gen X’s top interests are management and leadership skills, well-being and mindfulness, IT and technological literacy, and coaching and mentoring.
  • Baby boomers’ top interests are well-being and mindfulness, artificial intelligence training, and IT and technological literacy.

The survey found that 50% of Gen Z and 54% of millennials consider development and advancement opportunities crucial in influencing their career ambitions. Gen Z and baby boomers also acknowledged the significance of development and advancement opportunities though to a lesser extent at 37% and 19%, respectively.

Data comes from Randstad’s Workmonitor 2024 survey, which included more than 27,000 workers ages 18 to 67 across 34 different markets, including the US.

Other US findings included:

  • Some workers want to return to the office at least five days per week. The survey found that this was the case for 21% of Gen Z, 23% of millennials, and 23% of Gen X.
  • Twenty-three percent of Gen Z and 19% of millennials are working from home more to avoid commuting costs.
  • Quality of life: 42% of Gen X and 38% of baby boomers in the US agreed they would quit a job if it prevented them from enjoying their life.

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