These are the best jobs in Canada, according to Indeed


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The experts at hiring platform Indeed shared the 10 most coveted jobs based on the factors applicants look out for most: opportunity, salary, and flexibility.

To make the cut, they looked at a series of factors in their database, including the behavior of employers and job seekers and which jobs offered growth opportunities.

The minimum salaries were also required to be above the Canadian median of $63,200, and at least 10% of job postings for the positions included terms to indicate whether it was a “remote” or “hybrid” gig.

The overarching trend in this year’s list is variety.

Here are the top 10 best jobs in Canada along with their median annual salary:

1. Senior Tax Manager ($139,063)
2. Child Protection Practitioner ($77,034)
3. Governance Manager ($97,469)
4. Senior Electrical Engineer ($110,000)
5. Associate Dean ($114,281)
6. Structural Engineer ($93,755)
7. Senior Project Coordinator ($81,224)
8. Project Engineer ($91,153)
9. Librarian ($75,360)
10. Accounting Supervisor ($79,594)

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Reflecting the diverse needs of organizations across different sectors in Canada, the jobs range from managerial and leadership roles to technical and engineering positions, with a lot of focus on financial and accounting functions.

The reduction in tech-related roles from previous years is evident after 2023 saw a brutal amount of layoffs.

However, despite the tech downturn, engineering jobs are still booming, even as the competition is higher in this field than it once was.

“Though still early, the impact of generative artificial intelligence, both in the tech sector and the broader economy, is likely to become more noticeable in the year ahead,” according to Brendon Bernard, senior economist at Indeed.

He added that “hiring appetite might continue to soften, but a jump in layoffs and unemployment could be avoided if the economy doesn’t tip into recession.”

With three of the best jobs in management or leadership roles, it’s clear experienced professionals are in demand.

Even as stagflation fears grow, Indeed forecasts community and social service jobs should hold strong throughout 2024 — though salaries could be a different story.

“Nominal wage growth has held strong even as some of its underlying drivers have cooled,” Bernard said.

“Inflation-adjusted wages have edged up recently, but further gains will require additional ‘immaculate disinflation,’ which could be harder to come by in 2024.”

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