These Are the 5 Highest-Paying Jobs in EU


The European countries are popular destinations for workers internationally – some eyeing the working conditions, while others are looking to move to the EU for higher wages.

As industries evolve and the demand for specialized skills grows, certain roles in Europe are emerging as top earners.

Data Scientist

This profession is highly sought after across Europe as their expertise is needed to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and forecast future trends – essential for the data-driven world that we live in. Their work consists of statistical, mathematical, and computational methods that they use to solve complex problems related to businesses.

According to NorthWest Executive Education, data scientists in Germany make around €61,854 annually, while in Switzerland, these workers make €9,443 monthly – €113,318 annually.

Financial Director

Being responsible for the financial health of an organisation, financial directors lead a company towards profitability and sustainability. This job is paid around €144,366 per year in Germany and €75,002 in France, while financial directors in the United Kingdom make around €110,061 per year.

Business Development Manager

The Netherlands is the country that pays these professionals the most in Europe – around €100,504 per year, followed by the UK (€119,154) and Germany (€101,182).

Business Development Managers are responsible for identifying business growth opportunities, building and maintaining relationships with prospects, and leading the expansion of the company. It is a highly competitive and challenging business but a very rewarding career.

Product Manager

These professionals oversee the development, production, and marketing of a company’s products, ensuring that the products meet market needs. This role is also responsible for innovating relevant and competitive products.

A product manager in Germany gets paid around €5,950 monthly (€71,404 per year), while the UK, which is the highest paying country for this role, pays product managers around €152,127  per year – equivalent to €12,677 every month. In France, a product manager can make, on average, around 8,844 every month.

Project Manager

Average annual salaries for project managers are around €127,362 in the United Kingdom, €113,211 in Germany, and €109,673 in France.

Given the concurrent execution of various intricate projects by businesses, effective project management plays a pivotal role in ensuring punctual delivery and resource utilization. Project managers play a crucial role in guaranteeing that projects are finished within specified timelines, adhering to scope, and staying within budget. Their responsibilities include team coordination,

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