The Most Egregious Situations That Made People Quit Their Jobs On The Spot


Most of the time, folks give a two-week notice upon quitting. However, some circumstances can make employees stand up, walk out, and never look back.

Leaving a job without any notice might seem like an extreme measure to some, but employees are under a lot of pressure these days. Reddit user u/BubbaHoStep asked for examples of work situations that ended up with an employee leaving their position immediately, and the AskReddit community was more than happy to indulge.

As a wise skeleton once said, "Just walk out. You can leave!" Thankfully, those of us working with at-will employment won't face legal consequences for quitting without notice. Now let's see why so many folks are using these rules to their advantage.

Getting screwed out of a commission is grounds for walking out

Off-the-clock demands and slow-walking hires make for miserable morale at a department store

When someone dies, a little humanity isn't too much to ask for, the boss

Verbally abusive bosses are bound to eventually get a taste of their own medicine

Putting up a fuss over the tiniest detail is a great way to lose employees (and your own job)

Disrespecting vacation days is a one-way ticket to high turnover for bad bosses

Scheduling students during school hours isn't going to work out the way they think it will

If they think an employee is so replaceable, then they better be ready to do it on a moment's notice

Under no circumstance is it okay for anyone, let alone a manager, to badmouth an employee's mom

Seeing a company squirm is almost worth all of the disrespect and turmoil

Via Reddit.

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