I quit being a lawyer to dabble in writing and podcasting. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

 After completing my GCE A Levels in mathematics, history, and English literature, I initially considered majoring in English literature, finding it relatively easy without much need for extensive studying. However, following the advice of school career advisors, who suggested that my subject combination made me suitable for a career in law, I decided to pursue a law degree. 

Upon graduation, I landed a position at an international law firm in Malaysia, focusing on intellectual property litigation. Initially, the work was exciting, and I appreciated the tangible impact our efforts had. However, I soon realized that the lifestyle and nature of legal work didn't align with my long-term goals and personal interests. The constant reading of case law and the demanding work culture didn't resonate with me.

In search of a change, I transitioned to working as an in-house counsel for an international conglomerate. Although I gained diverse experiences and opportunities in this role, it became evident to me that practicing law wasn't where my passion lay. I felt uncertain about my future career direction, especially as all my friends and colleagues were also in the legal field.

This uncertainty led me to discover the power of podcasts. Inspired by the connection a podcast fostered within me, I decided to create my own. Despite continuing my work as an in-house counsel, the podcast became like a second job for me, with late-night recording sessions after my regular workday.

As my efforts gained traction, particularly through a viral LinkedIn post, opportunities to monetize my podcast began to emerge. This eventually led me to leave my legal job to pursue podcasting and content creation full-time. The decision has proven to be financially rewarding, demonstrating that the legal profession has income limitations compared to entrepreneurship.

My legal background has provided credibility and insight in my new ventures, and I don't regret starting my career in law. However, I wish I had started writing online earlier, recognizing the doors it can open.

Overall, my journey from law to podcasting and content creation has been both fulfilling and lucrative, demonstrating the value of pursuing personal interests and taking risks in one's career.  

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