Deloitte rolls out artificial intelligence chatbot to employees About 75,000 staff to be given access to ‘PairD’ tool with advice to validate ‘accuracy and completeness’


 Deloitte is introducing a new AI chatbot, "PairD", to 75,000 employees in Europe and the Middle East. This tool is designed to assist with creating presentations, drafting emails, writing code, conducting research, and more. However, there are warnings about the potential for inaccuracies in the information it produces. Employees are advised to verify the accuracy and completeness of the chatbot's output before using it for work. Unlike other firms that have partnered with established AI companies, Deloitte has developed PairD internally at its AI institute.

The professional services industry is increasingly turning to generative AI to automate tasks. For example, PwC is using AI chatbots to enhance work efficiency in its legal and tax divisions, and law firm Allen & Overy has created an AI tool for contract negotiation. Deloitte sees the rollout of PairD as part of its long-term investment in AI, aimed at exploring the potential benefits for the firm, clients, and society. The firm emphasizes the importance of using these new tools safely and effectively to create value.

This move comes at a time when the professional services industry is aiming to cut costs due to reduced demand in a challenging economic environment. The Big Four have all implemented redundancy programs recently. As part of the PairD initiative, Deloitte will offer free access to the tool to the UK disability charity Scope. Employees are required to complete a training module before using PairD.  

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