Consultant. Analyst. Strategist. But what does that mean? Here's a guide to some common job titles


 Here's a simplified breakdown of some common corporate roles:

Consultant: Consultants work on various projects to solve business problems. They analyze information, provide recommendations, and offer an outside perspective. They are often part of a team and can bring a fresh approach to problem-solving.

Product Manager: These individuals oversee the development and launch of products at a company. They collaborate with different teams to strategize and design products, serving as the lead for the product line.

Creative Director: Creative directors are responsible for finding solutions to help businesses build their brands. They may work on advertising, website design, product packaging, or other marketing initiatives, and their creative output can vary widely.

Program Manager: Program managers oversee the planning and execution of interconnected projects. They coordinate with project managers, lead meetings, track progress, and navigate challenges to ensure success.

Analyst: Analysts in finance parse data, create reports, offer investment recommendations, and stay updated on financial news. They use tools like Excel and PowerPoint to present their findings compellingly.

Strategist: Strategists analyze data to identify opportunities for a business to gain an advantage over its competitors. They research and create insights to inform creative work, seeking connections between cultural trends and consumer and industry data.  

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