A Sephora Employee Confirms the Tween Takeover Is Real


In recent months, there has been an increase in younger shoppers, particularly tweens, visiting Sephora and showing interest in skincare and makeup products from internet-beloved brands like Drunk Elephant, Sol de Janeiro, Glow Recipe, and Summer Fridays. This trend has caused some friction, as Sephora employees and other shoppers have expressed frustration about the disruption and messy behavior, as well as what they perceive as entitled attitudes from the younger customers. Social media platforms such as TikTok and Reddit have become a space for both employees and shoppers to share their experiences and opinions about this phenomenon.

Reports indicate instances of disruptive behavior such as excessive use of product testers, creating messy "product smoothies" using various skincare products, pushing and crowding around popular brand sections, and demanding attitudes towards employees. Several incidents, such as drawing on displays with lipstick and leaving products in disarray, have been documented. Some employees also mention an increase in the use of testers and a preference for products promoted by social media influencers rather than relying on traditional shopping experiences or employee recommendations.

The surge in demand for these products among tweens can be attributed to social and digital media influence, with many young shoppers looking to emulate beauty trends they see online. Additionally, the closure of stores catering to older kids and tweens, such as Justice, has led to these younger consumers seeking out traditionally "grown-up" spaces like Sephora for their shopping needs. This trend has also gained attention on platforms like TikTok, prompting discussions about the authenticity and motivations behind these shared experiences.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised about younger consumers using potent skincare products with active ingredients, leading to a response from brands like Drunk Elephant, which have advised against certain product usage for tweens. Nonetheless, the interest in skincare and makeup among this age group reflects a shift in popular culture and consumer behavior, with tweens embracing skincare and cosmetics as their contemporary form of play and self-expression.  
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