A career coach shares the top industries hiring Gen Z and millennials in 2024 — and where layoffs might happen

 In my role as a career and success coach working with millennials and Gen Zers, my aim is to help individuals shape careers that they genuinely enjoy, rather than dreading Monday mornings. After spending about a decade in sales in the tech industry, I realized that although I had a successful career on paper, it didn't align with my long-term aspirations. Consequently, I transitioned into career coaching in 2019, focusing on guiding my clients in setting goals and developing strategies to find the right career path and secure meaningful employment.

As we navigate the current employer's market, it's evident that layoffs are likely to persist, albeit perhaps not in the same volume as seen in 2023. Tech industries, in particular, could continue to experience significant workforce reductions. While artificial intelligence may drive some of these layoffs, it also presents valuable tools for both employers and employees to streamline processes, including job applications and resume optimization.

Despite the challenges, certain industries are anticipated to thrive. Healthcare, cybersecurity, and hospitality sectors are expected to see strong hiring trends. Healthcare is experiencing a resurgence, with opportunities in health tech, while hospitality is regaining momentum, creating roles for hotel and restaurant staff. Additionally, cybersecurity positions are likely to be in high demand across various industries.

The rise of AI is creating new job opportunities, especially in roles related to data analysis and cloud infrastructure. Moreover, remote and hybrid work arrangements are anticipated to persist, meeting the expectations of the workforce. Employees, especially millennials and Gen Z workers, value work-life balance and internal career growth opportunities. They also aspire to pursue side hustles, seeking roles that support and promote such flexibility.

In return for this flexibility, employers seek commitment from their employees. They want to see dedication and care from their workforce, encouraging open discussions on employee growth and goals within the company.

In the evolving job market, the implementation of AI emphasizes the importance of building personal relationships in job searches. While technology is beneficial, connecting with others on a personal level through referrals and informational meetings remains crucial in making a lasting impression.

Overall, the focus for job seekers in 2024 is to recognize the significance of combining technological advancements with the human touch.  

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