42-year-old brings in more than $1 million a year from newsletter, podcast: ‘My advice is just stop tweeting and do the work’


Lenny Rachitsky, a successful entrepreneur, founded Lenny's Newsletter in 2019, which has grown to over 570,000 subscribers and generates more than $500,000 annually. His podcast, launched in 2022, also brings in a similar income with minimal time investment. 

Rachitsky emphasizes the importance of gaining substantial experience in a field before offering advice. He cautions against sharing superficial or potentially harmful advice without deep knowledge and hands-on experience. He personally worked in product management and software engineering for over a decade before sharing his expertise. He believes that a minimum of five to ten years of practical experience is necessary before providing valuable insights in any field.

In essence, Rachitsky advises aspiring entrepreneurs to prioritize gaining substantial experience and expertise before venturing into offering advice, urging them to "stop tweeting and do the work" instead.  

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