Young TikTokers are complaining about their struggles to find corporate jobs, saying it feels 'impossible'

  Young adults on social platforms like TikTok are expressing frustration with the current state of the US job market, describing it as nearly impossible to secure well-paying corporate positions in 2023. This sentiment is shared by individuals from both Gen Z and the millennial generation. Various TikTokers have shared their personal experiences, highlighting the challenges they face when trying to find suitable employment.

For instance, fitness influencer Alison Johnson recently voiced her dissatisfaction in a TikTok video, illustrating her struggle as a college graduate working in a job that doesn't align with her qualifications. Despite holding a business marketing degree and accruing significant student debt, she finds herself working in a role that doesn't utilize her expertise, leading to frustration and disillusionment.

In a similar vein, other individuals with years of work experience are echoing these sentiments. One TikToker, Anna Mae Wood, with over a decade of experience in various professional domains, expressed her difficulties in securing a well-paid role, despite her extensive background in sales, retail, management, and hiring. This is indicative of the challenges faced not only by recent graduates but also by seasoned professionals in the current job market.

The prevailing sentiment among these individuals reflects a broader issue with the US job market, where they highlight the conundrum of needing both a degree and experience to secure a job, yet struggling to obtain that initial experience without being given an opportunity. This has led to pervasive feelings of frustration, with many individuals expressing their struggle to find employment that provides a sustainable income, particularly in light of the current economic conditions and rising inflation.

Furthermore, the job search has been compounded by various factors such as the proliferation of "ghost job" postings, the implementation of AI applicant tracking systems that screen out candidates, and the increasing use of AI tools to replace human workers in certain industries. These challenges have resulted in a decline in job openings, particularly for office-based roles, as reported by economic research director Nick Bunker.

Amidst these difficulties, some individuals are turning away from traditional corporate careers, citing the 9-to-5 work structure as "soul-crushing" and "depressing." As a result, they are exploring alternative work arrangements, including entrepreneurship, four-day workweeks, and less conventional job opportunities.

In summary, the experiences shared by these individuals underscore the immense challenges faced by job seekers in the current US job market, reflecting a broader trend of disillusionment with traditional employment structures and a growing interest in alternative career paths.  

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