This in-demand side hustle for 2024 can pay up to $6,000 per month—how to get started

 According to a November 2023 Bankrate survey of 2,391 U.S. adults, 86% of Americans have set at least one financial goal for 2024. Many are considering pursuing an additional source of income. There are numerous opportunities for those looking to start a side gig in the coming year. For tech-savvy individuals, working as an AI assistant might be a good fit, whereas teaching could be a suitable option for those passionate about working with kids. If organization and household tasks are more appealing, becoming a house helper might be a favorable choice. Angelique Rewers, CEO of small business consulting firm BoldHaus, anticipates a return to the office for many in 2024, meaning people who had flexibility due to remote work may need to reassess their routines.

The role of a house helper can encompass various activities, ranging from personal shopping and household management to caretaking for aging parents, daily meal prep, pet care, and yard work. Opportunities include personal shopping and returns, as well as running errands and managing day-to-day tasks for others.

Individuals can offer their services through platforms like Poplin or hampr, where laundry professionals can earn up to $6,000 per month. Additionally, they can utilize local community groups on social media such as Nextdoor and Facebook to advertise their availability, area of expertise, and rates. House helpers can earn up to $30 per hour for their services, providing an opportunity to earn a substantial income while assisting others with their daily needs.  

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