The No. 1 thing to avoid in a job interview, according to a former Google recruiter: It’s ‘a massive red flag’

During a job interview, it is crucial to demonstrate that you've done your homework about the company and the role. Interviewers can easily pick up on a lack of preparation, especially when you ask very basic questions that could apply to any job. 

To show genuine interest, delve deeper and ask insightful questions that illustrate your understanding of the company, the role, and the potential challenges. Before the interview, thoroughly research the company's website and LinkedIn page, familiarize yourself with the mission and goals, and review the job description. 

Additionally, look up the profiles of your interviewers on LinkedIn to understand their career paths. During the interview, ask specific questions based on your research, such as inquiring about the comparison between different roles held by the interviewer. This level of preparation and depth in your questions proves your genuine interest in the opportunity and your dedication to succeed in the role.

 Ultimately, it provides additional evidence that you are likely to perform well if hired. Showing preparedness and genuine interest during the interview is essential in building trust with the interviewer and demonstrating your commitment to excellence in the role.  

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