The minimum wage is going up in 22 states on Jan. 1


On January 1, 2024, the minimum wage is scheduled to increase in 22 states. This change is significant because it impacts not only those directly earning minimum wage but also tends to raise the pay scales for workers earning slightly more. 

It's worth noting that the push for a $15 an-hour minimum wage is gaining traction in more states, with New York, Maryland, and New Mexico among those adopting it, marking a significant development since the onset of the Fight for $15 campaign twelve years ago. Additionally, the impact of inflation has eroded the value of the dollar, making the current dollar amount of the minimum wage less impactful than it used to be.

 Furthermore, 13 states will see wage increases due to indexing with inflation, including California, Ohio, and South Dakota. As for the federal minimum wage, which remains at $7.25, the last increase occurred in 2009. Three more states and Washington, D.C. are also scheduled to raise their minimum wage later in the year.  

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