Luck is a bigger part of success than you think — but it can only take you so far


Luck is a substantial factor in achieving success, though it is often overlooked. Despite the importance of talent and effort, luck plays a significant role. We must recognize that we are fortunate to be alive, have opportunities, and possess the capability to make choices. Some individuals are luckier than others, having had advantageous upbringings, access to supportive networks, and fortuitous encounters with significant opportunities. I, too, have benefited from such luck. 

The expression "born on third base" describes those who have had substantial advantages from the start. However, simply relying on luck is not enough. Hard work and making intelligent choices are equally crucial. "The harder and smarter you work, the luckier you get." It is essential to seek opportunities that align with your strengths and to be prepared to seize those opportunities when they arise.

In my own experience, my career progression was a result of both luck and effort – landing a job on Wall Street, transitioning to a role as an Internet analyst, and eventually co-founding Business Insider. Cultivating a sense of agency and gratitude is key to mental well-being. It involves appreciating our good fortune while also taking action to improve our circumstances. While the future remains uncertain, we can significantly enhance our prospects by working diligently and astutely.

Ultimately, our responsibility is to create opportunities for ourselves and develop the skills and determination to capitalize on them when they present themselves.  

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