'I do 20 hours a week as sex worker – but earn £36,000 in just three months'


A sex worker dropped jaws as she told fans she manages to earn more than £36,000 in just three months from her work both on and offline - but doubts she'll see figures like that again.

Jade Blair, who posts on social media as jadexoxob, has gained more than 9,000 followers by sharing videos talking about her X-rated career. The beauty from Brisbane, Australia, has often discussed the ups and downs in her career as a high-class escort.

One of the main upsides to life in the adult industry is the ability to earn a lot of money - but nothing prepared Jade for how much she would rake in after going viral online. In a recent clip, she spoke to fans about how her work consists of OnlyFans content and in person arrangements.

Jade Blair

But in just three months after one of her social media videos went viral, she made more than $70,000AUD (£36,000) - which she claims was a one off and she might never see fast cash like that again. She explained: "I'm a [sex] worker online and in person, and my earnings vary a lot.

"Being self-employed kind of does that. There's no guaranteed income, there's no sick pay. I've only recently started online and it's really taken off. In the last three months I've earned about $70,000 in Australian dollars and that is before taxes."

While she noted that she has months where she can earn a lot, she also said she's had some where she's not even made enough to pay her rent. "That's never going to happen to me again," she added.

"It's not guaranteed. It's not instant. It's not quick and it's not stable income. I've definitely had months where I've not earned enough to pay rent. That's just the industry that's being self-employed. For me, it still has been financially viable and I will continue to work. But it's not for everyone. Don't think this is a get rich quick scheme."

Jade Blair revealed she would work double shifts at a brothel and bonk 16 men a day
Jade previously revealed she would work double shifts at a brothel and bonk 16 men a day 

TikTok users were left stunned by the clip as they took to the comments to show her some support. One user said: "You seem so lovely." Another joked: "That's a lot of HUMPING." Meanwhile, a third commented: "Damn, is your page that good?!"

It comes after Jade told fans what it was really like when she used to work at a legal brothel — including bonking older men and working double shifts. She enjoys the flexibility of being able to work as and when she pleased and enjoyed her time with regular clients during her time working at a brothel, which was legal in the area she lives.

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