How managers can tackle the most common employee struggle Eliminate the shame of mental blocks and see an immediate turnaround.


One of the critical but often overlooked challenges faced by leaders is mental blocks, which can significantly hinder productivity, employee satisfaction, and revenue generation. A study conducted by Miro found that mental blocks have a substantial impact on workers, with nearly all respondents reporting experiencing them. These blocks are experienced daily or weekly by 59% of workers, leading to an average of a few hours per week spent overcoming them, consequently affecting overall productivity.

Mental blocks primarily arise due to a lack of necessary information and feeling overwhelmed by multiple tasks. They lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and insecurity among employees. The impact on mental health and productivity is profound, affecting workers' self-esteem, increasing burnout, and contributing to imposter syndrome.

Workers' responses to mental blocks vary, with most opting to take breaks to recharge, while only a third are willing to discuss their struggles with colleagues. Leaders can effectively respond to mental blocks by recognizing the signs, fostering open conversations about mental blocks, and promoting collaboration among team members. Encouraging collaboration can significantly reduce the occurrence of mental blocks, as found in the study.

Additionally, leaders can alleviate mental blocks by ensuring easy access to information, addressing questions, and providing ongoing training and skill development. It is crucial to prioritize strategies for managing mental blocks institutionally, possibly through policy crafting, enhancing wellness programs, and supporting employee groups.

Leaders need to eliminate the stigma associated with mental blocks and encourage open discussions. By recognizing the signs, fostering open conversations, and creating a supportive environment, leaders can help their employees thrive in a competitive business world.  

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